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About us

Welcome to Espunis in Japan!

So, you’ve stumbled upon this section, and you’re probably curious about who’s behind all the fun.
Well, our crew consists of a massive team of espunis, totaling a whopping… two! Yep, that’s right – Green Espuni and Red Espuni, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t forget anyone…

In this blog, we’re excited to share our Japanese adventures with you, from the famous hotspots to the hidden gems, where to grab a bite, what to see, dos and don’ts, quirky stuff, where to crash, how long, how… Alright, alright, simmer down… We’ll get to it.

We know there isn’t much content yet, but that’s because this blog was born on a whim. But fear not! Over time, we’ll be filling it up with photos, info, fun facts, anecdotes, dorayakis, and everything else we can squeeze in about this mesmerizing land.

So, buckle up and join us on this wild ride through Japan, a land of enchanting spots, never-ending staircases, and, of course, espunis galore!

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